Friday, January 22, 2010

What Can the TLI Do for You?

*co-ordinate mentoring for new and new-ish faculty members
*co-ordinate classroom observations
*facilitate panels for faculty to discuss a wide variety of aspects of teaching
*help you integrate a new approach (technological, artistic, you name it!) into your teaching
*provide feedback and support for new faculty, completely separate from the tenure process

What are some of our larger goals?

*to foster discussion about teaching and learning for faculty at every stage of their careers
*to encourage students' participation within the Ursinus community as active, engaged learners
*to house and make available information about best teaching practices at Ursinus College and elsewhere
*to support and honor the hard work that Ursinus faculty engage in every day

What the TLI won't do:

*impose a top-down model of teaching "excellence," or imply that one approach to pedagogy is superior to any other

For more information about the TLI, please feel free to contact Meredith

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