Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Small Grant Competition

The TLI has approximately four small grants to offer (500$ each) for faculty pursuing an innovative pedagogy project either this semester or next fall (the grants area available for year of 2010). These grants provide incentive and support for the hard work, critical reflection, and and creativity we bring to our courses at Ursinus. Here are a few examples of what the grants could support:
*integrating some new software or technology into one of your courses
*a course-related partnership - with another faculty member, at UC or at another institution (a co-written blog? a sustained listserv/e-mail exchange?)
*the time involved to visit another faculty member's courses on a routine basis, with a consideration of the implications for your own teaching
*integrating the arts (or the sciences, or any major extradisciplinary element) into one of your courses
*integrating an off-campus component (including travel) into a course
*bring us your ideas--be creative!

One-page proposals are due February 12 for this coming semester, and April 1 for the fall semester. At the end of the semester, we request a one-page write-up of your project. These one-page write-ups will be available on line to colleagues who may apply for grants themselves in the future.

In the Spring and Fall of 2011, there will be eight grants available. So if your schedules are already crowded for this year, please consider planning ahead!

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